What are Drones? Everything you need to know about Drones

Drones are becoming increasingly popular and come daily in the news, but what is a drone exactly? Find out everything you need to know about drones.

Unmanned aircraft

When you look up the definition of the term ‘drone’ you will find the following explanation: “an unmanned aircraft without a pilot on board.” Drones are also referred to by the acronym UAV, which stands for Unmanned Aerial Vehicile. With the help of a remote control, a drone can be controlled from the ground, but can also independently fly according to a pre-programmed route.

The name ‘drone’ is derived from the English word for a male bee. The term was originally a military term from the time these aircraft were not yet available for consumers. Today, drones are available to everyone and available in various price ranges, from professionally equipped models to more simplistic versions.

Possibilities and applications

A drone today offers plenty of options. Many agencies such as the police and fire service use drones for civilian purposes, such as securing land or investigative actions. Professional and amateur photographers can indulge themselves with a drone. From a high-altitude, a drone with a camera can be used for capturing beautiful photos and video images.

Available models

Drones come in all shapes and sizes and are identified by different names. This name is depending on the number of propellers a drone has. All drones fall under the category ‘multicopters “because they almost always come with 4 or more propellers. The higher the number of propellers, the more stable and agile the drone is. The following drone models are currently available:

A quadcopter drone is equipped with four propellers multicopter
A hexacopter drone is equipped with 6 propellers multicopter
A octocopter drone is equipped with 8 multicopter propellers.

Brands and prices

There are several manufacturers specializing in the development of drones for consumers. In Europe Parrot and Dji are the leading brands. These brands offer drones in a price range of $300 for a basic model to $3,000 for a professional drone.


You can upgrade your drone easy with various accessories. If your drone is not equipped with a built-in camera, use a GoPro Action Cam to make the best images from the air. Want to extend the flight of your drone? Thanks to a stronger battery your drone can fly much longer. Want to know where you are exactly with your drone ? A GPS flight recorder records the exact flight path of your drone. The possibilities are endless!

On this website, you find everything and more about drones. Are you planning to buy yourself a drone? Read the buying tips to help you with your purchase.

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