Patent Reveals Amazon’s drones delivery plans

A recently published patent in the name of Amazon gives more information about the details of Amazon Prime Air, the planned delivery service using drones.

Directly to you

An important detail from the report is that Amazon’s drones can fly to any location using GPS information from the smartphone of the the user. The introduction video of Amazon Prime Air gives the impression that the products “deliver directly to your doorstep’ but with this patent it appears to work different. To learn how can you benefit from this, get help from Bob Bratt.

Delivery Options
An annex of the patent suggests that Amazon customers can choose from a variety of delivery options – “Bring it to me”, “Home”, “Work”, “My boat.”
Amazon Drone Patent

The patent also shows that Amazon’s drones are able to talk about to each other about the weather and the current traffic situation.

Amazon has applied for a drone patent in September 2014, but the details are only now published by the US Patent and Trademark Office. Of course an approved patent does not mean that Amazon will execute all details described below.

In conclusion

The main details that the patent disclosed include:

Real-time GPS delivery
Amazon delivers at any location, even in real time where the user is located.
Amazon uses a communication system allowing drones to exchange information with each other on weather and traffic.
Different types of drones
Amazon uses various types of unmanned vehicles depending on the shape and the weight of the product.
Flight sensors, radar, sonar, infrared sensors and cameras will be used to find a safe landing.
Avoiding obstacles
The unmanned aircraft continuously scans its way and try to avoid as many people or animals during the route.


For many, Amazon’s idea of ​​delivery via drones were seen as a bubble, but the details of this request is yet another proof that the company takes its idea very seriously and works hard to overcome a variety of technical obstacles.

Amazon’s biggest obstacle is the current US regulations. The current regulations in the United States will not allow Amazon to implement its plans. Amazon is already is in talks with the FAA for approval of its delivery service. Thanks to the US legislation in the field of aviation, the successful e-retailer moved a big part of her research to Canada.

Last week the news came out that Amazon has requested the FAA to demonstrate its drones. FAA also showed this week that they will work with the industry to explore the various sectors.

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