DJI gets investment of $75 million for software platform

After previous rumors, it is now official that DJI has had an investment of $ 75million. The capital injection comes from investment firm Accel Partners in Silicon Valley. The money will mainly focus on the development of a software platform for developers.

Valuation of DJI

While Accel and DJI did not publish the rating of the fundraise, The Wall Street Journal reported that the company was in talks to raise funds at a valuation of $10 billion. However, Dan Primack at Fortune has tweeted that his sources say that the valuation was closer to $8 billion.

To maintain its position as market leader, DJI continues to invest in its products. With a new software platform for developers, DJI is hoping to leave the competition forever behind.

Software platform
The development of a software platform is not new. An example of a successful software platform is the App Store for iOS devices, but also DJI’s competitor, 3D Robotics from the United States, is working on a similar platform.
DJI Phantom 2

Infinite possibilities
Besides drones for consumer, DJI also builds drones for sectors such as agriculture, oil and gas, mining and other commercial areas. To ensure that the drones can carry a much larger variety of tasks, DJI wants to build a software platform to invite developers to create software for its drones that fit certain niches. For consumers, this can provide tremendous value and ensure they do not go for the cheapest option.


DJI spokesman Michael Perry told TechCrunch that

One of the reasons we chose Accel as one of our first partners is that they have an international reputation for transforming emerging tech companies platforms.

Earlier investment
This is not the first investment that DJI receives. In May 2014, the Chinese drone manufacturer received her first injection of $30 million investment from Sequoia.

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