Drones and wind: How much do you know?

If you’re flying with your drone then you obviously take into account the weather conditions. An important part of the weather where you as a drone pilot always deal with is the wind.

What is wind?

Wind is a natural movement of air from the atmosphere. Wind is created by horizontal differences in air pressure, after which the strength and direction can be influenced by the rotation of the earth and possibly the friction with the earth’s surface.

Wind force?
The wind can vary greatly in speed. The wind speed is expressed in a number of the Beaufort scale, in m/s or less scientific, in km/h. In aviation, the wind speed is given in knots.

Beaufort Scale
The Beaufort scale is used to denote the speed of the wind. The scale was drafted in 1805 by the Irishman Francis Beaufort.

Speed Description
0 Silent
1 Bland and quiet
2 Slight breeze
3 Light breeze
4 Moderate breeze
5 Fresh breeze
6 Gentle breeze
7 Strong wind
8 Stormy
9 Storm
10 Heavy storm
11 Very heavy storm
12 Hurricane

Wind measurements
The wind is measured with an anemometer on a mast. This instrument was introduced in 1846 by Irish astronomer Thomas Romney Robinson (1792-1882). The wind direction is determined over land with a wind vane. To minimize interference from buildings or trees, the meters are sometimes placed higher.

A sensible drone pilot takes the wind speed into account and choose moments when the wind is the least powerful. This not only results in the most beautiful images, but also with regard to safety it is the most sensible choice. Please always take into account the wind, before you can take your drone out of its box.

Consult Wind
There are several sources to consult the wind speed. Weatherbug is a good source but you can also use the weather app on your phone to check the weather conditions.

Even with a little wind, a decent gimbal is essential in a camera drone. A gimbal is a mechanism that ensures that the camera is always stuck in the same position, even if you move the drone. Are you a beginner, but you still want to create professional videos, check carefully whether the camera of the drone is attached to the drone via a gimbal.

Gimbal video
The video below illustrates how a drone, despite some wind and movements of the device, makes stable stable images thanks to the gimbal:

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