How the Breath app works on the Apple Watch

A new app is available on the Apple Watch, called Breathe. It’s an app that you will use to do breathing exercises at certain times of the day. This tip shows you how the breathing app works.

Breathe on the Apple Watch

The new Breath app is available in watchOS 3.0, which is available from autumn 2016 for everyone. But now developers can already make use of it. The app lets you do breathing exercises, preferably at least once a day. But you can also just start the app at times when you are stressed. In sessions of one to five minutes, you will see a visualization, which helps you breathe at a comfortable pace. At the same time, you feel pats on your wrist. Afterwards, you get an overview of your heart rate.

Breathing app in use

This is how you use the breathing app

  1. Launch the app on the Apple Watch.
  2. Specify how long the session should be. At a session of 1 minute, you breathe 7x.
  3. The session starts. Follow the instructions on the screen. You get taps on your wrist when you have to breathe.

After the session, you will see the statistics. You can also see what your average heart rate was during the session. You can also start a new session.

The results of the breathing exercises can be found in the Health app on the part Mindfulness. This part is available with iOS 10 (available in late 2016) on the iPhone.

Breathing apps for iPhone

You can only use the breathing app if you have watchOS 3.0 installed on your Apple Watch. There is no counterpart for the iPhone, but you can find in the App Store many alternative apps that work well on the iPhone such as Breathe and Calm. Below is a list of mindfulness apps that you can use to better relax and reduce your breathing.

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