UDI-U818a Quadcopter Drone

UDI-U818a is a quadcopter of almost 35cm with a 720p HD camera. Super suitable for both indoor and outdoor usage.

The frame is, by the materials used, easy to wrap around your finger. If you let it go, it will shoot it right back to its original shape. You have to do your best to break something on this drone.

Under the UDI U818a there is a standard camera that is good for images of 1,280 x 720 pixels (video at 30 FPS). A 4GB mini SD card is included.

udi u818a quadcopter drone
The U818a in action.

The quadcopter has 4 channels which gives you many fly options (even sideways). You have a flight time of approximately 10 minutes (depending on your flight behavior). The controller has a dedicated buttons for creating 360 flips and taking pictures/videos. The quadcopter can be quickly recharged via the included AC adapter. This generally takes about 30 minutes. The battery is very easy to replace.

The drone uses a 6-axis technique. This means your quadcopter is much more stable in the air compared to others.

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