Sony only certifies PlayStation VR games if they don’t drop below 60fps

Developers who want to release games for the PlayStation VR must ensure that the frame rate will amount to a constant 60fps. During the Game Developers Conference, Sony announced that games that don’t meet this requirement will not get PSVR certificate. I know I’m going to get flagged for this,” Norden said to a packed … Read more


(Video) Sony shows 5 experiences in PlayStation VR Worlds game

Simultaneously with the announcement of the price of the PlayStation VR, Sony also announced a new game. PlayStation VR Worlds consists of five different VR Experiences with the following names: The London Heist, Into The Deep, VR Luge, Danger Ball, and Scavenger’s Odyssey. The game offers five different “experiences” each with its own theme. Sony says it will soon release more info about PlayStation VR Worlds. The game will probably appear simultaneously with the PlayStation VR headset, which comes in October on the market for $399.


Sony PlayStation VR comes in October for $399

Sony announced the PlayStation VR glasses release date and price. As indicated earlier, the price is comparable to that of the console: the glasses will retail for $399. Starting in October, the headset will be in stores. The price of the PlayStation VR was announced at a press event during the Game Developers Conference in … Read more