Google Daydream View Games

30 games that you will be able to play with Google Daydream View

When Google officially unveiled the Google Daydream View, the company did announce what games we can expect for the new platform. But this has changed now because the company has released a list of thirty games. If you want to play any of these games, please visit to play online. 30 games for Google … Read more

Google Daydream: everything you need to know

Google Daydream: everything you need to know

Daydream Google is Google’s latest attempt to bring virtual reality to mobile devices and will work very differently than Google Cardboard. In this article, we tell you everything you need to know about the new virtual reality program for mobile devices. What is Google Daydream? Daydream Google is Google’s latest attempt to bring virtual reality … Read more


Google Cardboard

A simple cardboard kit that you put together yourself. It’s not more than a few pieces of cardboard, two lenses, and some Velcro. However, it does provide a very nice experience for a low price. But how good is Google Cardboard, is it an effective competitor or a mere joke? What is the Google Cardboard … Read more

Google Fit app

Google Fit

Google Fit is an app from Google that allows you to measure your fitness levels. The app is part of the Google Fit platform, which was announced in June 2014. The Google Fit app for Android combines measurements from different apps. Developers can link their apps with Google Fit, so you can read the data. … Read more

Google Fit

Google Fit challenges you with a personal trainer on your smart watch

It was high time for an update of Google Fit. The newest version of the app works better on smartwatches with Android Wear and includes challenges for various exercises. Thus, you have a personal trainer on your wrist. Google Fit with challenges With the challenges of the app, you get instructions on how to do … Read more

NASA develops ‘Air Traffic Control’ for unmanned aircraft

NASA is working on software to realize air traffic control for unmanned aircraft. The space agency hopes to eventually be able to guide drones safely through habited zones. The software that NASA is working on is intended for unmanned aircraft flying high up to about 150 meters, writes The New York Times. The system would, … Read more