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Withings WS-30 Smart Scale

Brief specifications Positives and negatives Fast and accurate results. (+) Handy app with a clear overview of the development of your weight. (+) Can also measure your BMI number (body mass index). (+) Can only be used in conjunction with the app for iOS and Android. (-) Visit Store for more info Withings WS-30 black Description Everyone wonders sometimes, am I weight normal? With the Withings WS-30, you can check this quickly and easily. Besides your weight you can, for instance, measure your BMI number (body mass index). It is stored and compared with previous results in the dedicated app.…Read more

Sony sets minimum age for use PlayStation VR

It seems that Sony advises against playing games on PlayStation VR for children of twelve years or younger. Samsung has set the same minimum age of at least thirteen years for the use of the Gear VR headset. PlayStation VR is suitable for thirteen years and older So far there is little mention of the minimum age children should have before they get to work with a virtual reality headset. Samsung has already set a minimum age. Children who are thirteen years of age may simply use the Gear VR goggles. And it seems that Oculus wants to set the…Read more

Withings Smart Body Analyser WS-50

Brief specifications With the Health Manager app for your smartphone, you can review your test results and determine a personal goal. The BMI measurement reflects the relationship between your weight and height. With the help of the analysis, the scale measures your body fat percentage and heart rate. The scale also measures the indoor air quality. Through the user profiles, your values are assessed on personal characteristics such as age and height. Installing the scale takes some time because there are many different measurements. The scale does not measure your muscle and bone mass. Visit Store for more info Withings…Read more

Withings Health Mate works with Apple’s Health app

The beautiful health-app Healthmate from Withings supports the Health app from Apple after a recent update. Since version 2.3 of the app, you can import health information of other apps and export the activity that you register in Withings itself. The application also takes advantage of other opportunities offered by iOS 8. You can protect Health Mate with your Touch ID fingerprint so that others can't see how many calories you burn and how much you exercise. Withings says the pedometer in the app has also been improved. It is not intended that the integration of Withings Health Mate app…Read more

3 Ways in Which Fitness Trackers Can Assist With Weight Loss

fitness tracker
If you’re currently struggling with your weight then you can rest assured that you are certainly not on your own, as there are millions of people all over the globe in the exact same position as yourself. Weight loss is not easy, if it was, everybody would be walking around in fantastic shape. As it stands however, the majority of people in this world are now classed as obese, or morbidly obese, which is why life expectancies are currently on the decline, and it is why health-care officials are currently having to spend billions on health-care every single year. If…Read more

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Manage your weight Be more active Strengthen your heart Improve your sleep Build a safer environment. ... Withings & MyFitnessPal team up to help you win at losing ...

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Withings Smart Body Analyzer

Withings & MyFitnessPal Team Up ... Smart Body Analyzer. WS-50. Weight, Body Fat, Heart Rate, Air Quality. US$ 149.95. Buy now. Compare scales ...

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Fitness Gear 1 | Withings WS-30 vs WS-50 Difference Reviews

Withings WS-30. Withings WS-50. Colors: Black -- White: Black ... Weight Limit - 396 lbs. Four Weight Sensors. ... Compatible with Withings Blood Pressure Monitor .

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Withings Smart Body Analyzer review - Engadget

Withings Smart Body Analyzer review ... Withings has a connected scale that tracks your weight and activity trackers that help you lose we...

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Withings Smart Body Analyzer | Connectedly

The Withings WS-50 Smart Body Analyzer is an ultra-precise weight and body fat measurement tool. It also can measure the user's heartbeat, ...

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Smart Body Analyzer (WS-50) – Withings

Withings; Smart Body Analyzer (WS-50) ... //withings.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/article_attachments/201248598/WS-50_Quick_Start_Guide_-_low.pdf">Quick ... My weight data ...

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