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Fitbit Aria WiFi Smart Scale

Brief specifications Using the body analysis, the scale measures your body fat percentage. The BMI measurement reflects the relationship between your weight and height. With the Fitbit app for your smartphone, you can watch your measurements and set a personal goal. You connect the scale periodically with your Fitbit activity tracker. Through user profiles, your values are assessed on personal characteristics such as age and height. The scale does not measure your content, bone mass, and muscle mass. Your router must support the 802.11b Wi-Fi protocol in order to connect the scale to your Wi-Fi network. Visit Store for more…Read more

Withings Home Security Plus works with Apple HomeKit

Withings has announced the Withings Homeplus, a security camera that can be connected to an Apple HomeKit network. The camera can transmit live streams to your iPhone, Apple TV, and even the Apple Watch. This is the Withings Homeplus Withings has announced a security camera (look at this site), called the Withings Homeplus. The device can be connected to an Apple HomeKit network (and possibly other networks) and can, therefore, transmit images to your iPhone, Apple TV or Apple Watch. An Android app will also be available to which the live images can be sent. Now you can keep your…Read more

Measure your blood pressure with Withings Hy-Result

Withings has not only fitness trackers but also as blood pressure monitors that can measure your blood pressure at home. The problem is how you interpret the blood pressure measurements and when you decide it's time to go to the doctor? Withings has found a smart algorithm that allows you to better determine whether there is something wrong. Withings blood pressure measurement Hy-Result Difficult about collecting data is that you also have to interpret the results. When the measurement is done on scales it's still doable, but to give a meaning to the blood pressure measurements, you surely must have…Read more

Withings Activité Steel is now available in nine colors

Withings Active Steel
When the Withings Activité Steel was released in late 2015, the watch was only available in black. There has now been a change. The watch is now, in fact, available in nine different colors: blue (mineral), red / pink (raspberry), dark green (evergreen), khaki, mocha, yellow, white, and black. The Withings Activité Steel is the third wearable of the French brand Withings. The Steel is fancier than the Withings Activité Pop but does not contain all of the classic luxury materials Withings Activité has. Apart from the looks, the Activité Steel is obviously just a product, namely an activity tracker…Read more

Withings WS-30 Smart Scale

Brief specifications Positives and negatives Fast and accurate results. (+) Handy app with a clear overview of the development of your weight. (+) Can also measure your BMI number (body mass index). (+) Can only be used in conjunction with the app for iOS and Android. (-) Visit Store for more info Withings WS-30 black Description Everyone wonders sometimes, am I weight normal? With the Withings WS-30, you can check this quickly and easily. Besides your weight you can, for instance, measure your BMI number (body mass index). It is stored and compared with previous results in the dedicated app.…Read more

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