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Measure how much water you drink with the Pryme Vessyl

Pryme Vessyl
Do you need a 'smart' cup to know if you drink enough water? For $100 Pryme Vessyl gives you the answer. It could also cheaper: put a liter bottle of water at your desk and make sure you drunk two bottles at the end of the day. As with many products that are called "smart" these days, this new cup has actually not much intelligence. It is simply a measuring device that tracks how many cups of water you drink. Actually Pryme Vessyl is an intermediate solution. Producer Mark One was in recent years engaged in a more complex version…Read more

How to Back-up your Healthkit Data

Healthkit backup
HealthKit is one of the major new additions in iOS 8. For obvious reasons, this is a place on your iPhone where all personal information is collected. Your HealthKit data is therefore very important, if only because there are now hundreds of apps that use this database. In this tip we'll explain to you how you can make a HealthKit backup, so you can not lose your data. You can loose your HealthKit data Getting rid of your HealthKit data is a real risk. If you make a backup of your iPhone, it will NOT make a back up of…Read more

Fitbit has no plans for HealthKit support

Fitbit has no plans yet to use HealthKit and associated Health app for iOS 8. This was told by an employee of the company on the Fitbit forum. At this moment the company sees yet no way HealthKit can improve the user experience. The reaction of Fitbit will be a disappointment for some iOS 8 users. Integration with HealthKit would make it possible to collect data from Fitbit activity trackers into the Health app. The information would also be available to other apps. Fitbit, however, didn't close the door completely: although there are no plans to integrate HealthKit, users are…Read more

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3 Ways in Which Fitness Trackers Can Assist With Weight Loss

fitness tracker
If you’re currently struggling with your weight then you can rest assured that you are certainly not on your own, as there are millions of people all over the globe in the exact same position as yourself. Weight loss is not easy, if it was, everybody would be walking around in fantastic shape. As it stands however, the majority of people in this world are now classed as obese, or morbidly obese, which is why life expectancies are currently on the decline, and it is why health-care officials are currently having to spend billions on health-care every single year. If…Read more

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Apple expands HealthKit in iOS 9 to track sexual activity ...

Apple expands HealthKit in iOS 9 to track sexual activity, ovulation, UV exposure, water intake. By Neil Hughes Tuesday, June 09, 2015, 02:58 pm PT (05:58 ...

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What's New in HealthKit - WWDC 2015 - Videos - Apple Developer

Next, we covered new data types that you can store in HealthKit such as Water Intake, UV Exposure, and information related to reproductive health. Next, ...

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WaterMinder® - Water Hydration Reminder & Tracker on the ...

Read reviews, compare customer ratings, see screenshots, and learn more about WaterMinder® - Water Hydration Reminder & Tracker. Download WaterMinder ...

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iOS 9 HealthKit Gets Women-Friendly - Adds Menstruation ...

iOS 9 HealthKit now adds metrics for reproductive health including tracking of menstruation. Announced at WWDC 2015 after much pressure.

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Apple engineer explains how Apple decides which HealthKit ...

Tan then described the three new types of data that were recently added to HealthKit: water intake, UV exposure, and reproductive health.

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Make the most out of HealthKit with these 5 apps | Macworld

Make the most out of HealthKit with these 5 apps. ... another for caloric intake, ... all while sharing this information with other HealthKit apps to help ...

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