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Google Calendar uses data from Google Fit and Apple Health

Google will soon release an update for Google Calendar which will provide better Google Fit and Apple Health integration. Google announced this on its own blog. It is not yet known when the update will appear exactly but Florian Goerisch product manager reports that the integration will be rolled out soon. Google Calendar will now check whether you really have done workouts, in case you have them scheduled in the Calendar application. To do this, the app is using data from health apps Google Fit and Apple Health. If the exercises are done, the workouts are checked automatically. If you…Read more

Google Fit

Google Fit app
Google Fit is an app from Google that allows you to measure your fitness levels. The app is part of the Google Fit platform, which was announced in June 2014. The Google Fit app for Android combines measurements from different apps. Developers can link their apps with Google Fit, so you can read the data. The solution is similar to the Apple Health app, where you can also read measurements from a variety of fitness and sports apps. Yet there is a difference: Google Fit app also carries out measurements. The app measures the number of steps and effort while…Read more

Google Fit now incorporates data from other apps

Google Fit app
Google Fit, Google's fitness platform that is compatible with similar apps, and devices, has received a major update after a long time. With some new features, health becomes even more important. Google Fit fitness apps Google Fit was not provided with an update for a while but has now become a lot more functional. New is the so-called 'Instant Insights", a feature that allows real-time statistics of your running laps, hikes, and other distances on your Android. Google Fit now tracks under more your speed, pace, and route traveled by which to ensure that you stay motivated to exercise regularly.…Read more

Google Fit challenges you with a personal trainer on your smart watch

Google Fit
It was high time for an update of Google Fit. The newest version of the app works better on smartwatches with Android Wear and includes challenges for various exercises. Thus, you have a personal trainer on your wrist. Google Fit with challenges With the challenges of the app, you get instructions on how to do a certain exercise. You can choose from a push-up, sit-up, or squat. Choose a difficulty degree and you get to see pictures with text and how to perform the exercise. Then it's your turn to do the exercise. The app keeps track of your progress…Read more

More hospitals are experimenting with Apple Health

Apple Health, the iPhone app that can gather and display medical data, is already being tested in 23 hospitals in the United States, including to monitor chronic patients with diabetes and hypertension at distance. The app was demonstrated for the first time last summer at the Worldwide Developer Conference, and Apple had already agreements with Allscripts and Epic Systems, companies that supply medical information. The app was officially launched in late September as part of iOS8, along with a development package HealthKit. There are now already 23 hospitals experimentally using the app. Apple has now also has competition from Google…Read more

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Apple HealthKit vs. Google Fit: Survival of the Fittest

On Tuesday, Google released an app called Google Fit, which can track and store information about your exercise. How does it measure up to Apple's HealthKit?

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In Google Fit vs. Apple HealthKit, Fitness Apps Stay Neutral

HealthKit opened up its platform to developers with a few key app partners such as Adidas, Nike and Withings. All three companies are also early partners ...

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Google Fit vs Apple HealthKit: Developers Get Preview ...

Building on the presentation at the recent I/O Developers Conference, Google has released the Preview SDK for the Google Fit platform. Hardware ...

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HealthKit vs Google Fit: A Comparative Analysis | Software ...

Google Fit offers more flexibility; HealthKit offers more security of the sensitive content. But one thing we can surely say is that with HealthKit and Google Fit, we ...

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La sfida tra i due colossi è tornata. Questa volta saranno le applicazioni dedicate allo stato di salute dell'utente il piatto forte. Visita https://www ...

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Apple HealthKit vs. Google Fit: Matter of features or ...

Now, more than ever, your health is in your hands. Keep fit and healthy with apps developed with help from the Apple HealthKit and Google Fit platforms.

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