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How to Back-up your Healthkit Data

Healthkit backup
HealthKit is one of the major new additions in iOS 8. For obvious reasons, this is a place on your iPhone where all personal information is collected. Your HealthKit data is therefore very important, if only because there are now hundreds of apps that use this database. In this tip we'll explain to you how you can make a HealthKit backup, so you can not lose your data. You can loose your HealthKit data Getting rid of your HealthKit data is a real risk. If you make a backup of your iPhone, it will NOT make a back up of…Read more

How to Identify and Manage Your Allergies

How to Identify and Manage Your Allergies
According to the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology (AAAAI), allergy is an overreaction from the immune system to substances that are generally harmless to most people. These substances are called “allergens.” Generally, antibodies – or the “soldiers” comprising the immune system – combat infections and viruses that enter the body to prevent ailments. In allergies, the body responds to allergens by producing an antibody known as immunoglobulin E (IgE). The IgE reacts the same way it would with germs after detecting non-harmful substances like food, pollen, pet dander, mold, dust mites, and insect stings. Although initial exposure to…Read more

Fitbit has no plans for HealthKit support

Fitbit has no plans yet to use HealthKit and associated Health app for iOS 8. This was told by an employee of the company on the Fitbit forum. At this moment the company sees yet no way HealthKit can improve the user experience. The reaction of Fitbit will be a disappointment for some iOS 8 users. Integration with HealthKit would make it possible to collect data from Fitbit activity trackers into the Health app. The information would also be available to other apps. Fitbit, however, didn't close the door completely: although there are no plans to integrate HealthKit, users are…Read more

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Sync Solver app can synchronize Fitbit data with HealthKit

A new app has been released that makes it possible to sync your Fitbit data with HealthKit. Fitbit does not support HealthKit. This has already led to a conflict between the two companies, after Apple decided to remove all Fitbits from the online Apple Stores. With the app Sync Solver ($1.99) you can now transmit the data from your Fitbit to the Health app from Apple. Install and set up the app The first time you start the app, you need to sync manually by pressing a button in the app. Then Sync Solver synchronizes the data automatically every 24…Read more

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Apple expands HealthKit in iOS 9 to track sexual activity ...

Apple expands HealthKit in iOS 9 to track sexual activity, ovulation, UV exposure, water intake. By Neil Hughes Tuesday, June 09, 2015, 02:58 pm PT (05:58 ...

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UV exposure | MobiHealthNews

UV exposure. Apple engineer ... an iOS Software Engineer named Shannon Tan gave a presentation for developers that discussed the new features added to HealthKit as ...

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HealthKit Constants Reference - Apple Developer

Describes the constants in the HealthKit framework. iOS Developer Library Developer. HealthKit Constants Reference. ... exposure to ultraviolet (UV) ...

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What's New in HealthKit - WWDC 2015 - Videos - Apple Developer

What's New in HealthKit. HealthKit is Apple's framework to centralize the data storage of personal health information. ... The next type is UV Exposure.

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iOS 9 HealthKit Gets Women-Friendly - Adds Menstruation ...

iOS 9 HealthKit now adds metrics for reproductive health including ... Apple has announced a bunch of other HealthKit metrics too including UV exposure, ...

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Apple engineer explains how Apple decides which HealthKit ...

Apple Health, Apple HealthKit, Apple skin type, HealthKit apps, HealthKit developers, UV exposure, UV radiation tracking. Share. View all comments. Top Story. Health ...

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