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Pebble launches own health platform

Pebble Health
Smart Watch manufacturer Pebble has launched its own health platform that allows users to monitor health data. Previously, third-party applications had to be used to keep track of fitness data on the Pebble. With Pebble Health, it is possible to track the number of steps taken in a day and also - if the smart watch is worn at night - to measure how well the wearer is asleep. This data can be viewed within the Pebble app, but can also be sent to Apple's Health-app or Google Fit. For the development of the associated software, Pebble has been working…Read more

Pebble is now Healthkit Compatible

Good news for the owners of Pebble. The smartwatch remains useful even after the takeover by Fitbit, and gains support for Apple's Healthkit.Read more

Pebble Time and Time Round get new features and emojis

The Pebble Time and Pebble Time Round get new features and emoji. To this end, Pebble has given its app, plus the firmware of the smartwatch itself an update. There are many new features. iPhone App iPhone users will first notice that the app has received a major update. There are navigational tabs located at the bottom of the screen, so now it can be easily switched between screens with dials, apps, and notifications. The app now supports six languages and users can now quickly filter the apps that can send notifications. Jumbo emoji The firmware for the smartwatch itself,…Read more

The five best alternatives for a Pebble smartwatch

The five best alternatives for a Pebble smartwatch
Well, we know it: Pebble is no more. The company has had an enormous influence on the development of smart watches and deserves much credit for it. Now Pebble itself has disbanded and although some operations moved to Fitbit, the current smart watches are only supported limited time. Time for an alternative to the Pebble. What are the best new smart watches for Pebble owners? Alternative to Pebble 1: Fossil Q Marshal The original Pebble was a plastic watch with no frills, a square screen with only black and white colors, and fairly limited functionality. You could receive notifications from…Read more

How to Back-up your Healthkit Data

Healthkit backup
HealthKit is one of the major new additions in iOS 8. For obvious reasons, this is a place on your iPhone where all personal information is collected. Your HealthKit data is therefore very important, if only because there are now hundreds of apps that use this database. In this tip we'll explain to you how you can make a HealthKit backup, so you can not lose your data. You can loose your HealthKit data Getting rid of your HealthKit data is a real risk. If you make a backup of your iPhone, it will NOT make a back up of…Read more

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New Pebble 2.6: doesn't write data to healthkit, and not ...

Why? "Up" iOS App gets the data from Pebble by cloud syncing and doesn't write Steps Data to Apple HealthKit. Why!?!?!?

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HealthKit - Apple Health Kit

HealthKit works with third-party apps and gives you control over the information you share. Health & Fitness Apps do not work standalone, Apple promises.

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Jawbone Up coming to Android Wear, Apple HealthKit and ...

Jawbone Up coming to Android Wear, Apple HealthKit and Windows Phone (update: Pebble too)

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Five things the Pebble Time can do that the Apple Watch ...

Five things the Pebble Time can do that the Apple Watch can't. If you own an iPhone and want a smartwatch, then you should consider what the Pebble Time ...

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Pebble - SlashGear - The Definitive Guide to Tech, Cars ...

Pebble apps will be able to work with voice recognition and push all manner of commands to apps that do many fine things, like control your smart house and flying ...

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HealthKit - Apple Developer

HealthKit. HealthKit allows apps that provide health and fitness services to share their data with the new Health app and with each other. A user’s health ...

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