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Welcome to This website aims to give you the latest information about newest services for iOS android which helps you keep tracking your health on your smartphone. Health is an important part of iOS, Android, and Apple Watch. The app for iPhone and iPad is not called HealthBook as previously believed, but simply 'Health'. Android users can use Google Fit to track their health information. See also: List of Health app compatible devices. How does Health work? Latest Smart Health Devices HealthKit works with third-party apps and gives you control over the information you share. Health & Fitness Apps…Read more

How to Back-up your Healthkit Data

Healthkit backup
HealthKit is one of the major new additions in iOS 8. For obvious reasons, this is a place on your iPhone where all personal information is collected. Your HealthKit data is therefore very important, if only because there are now hundreds of apps that use this database. In this tip we'll explain to you how you can make a HealthKit backup, so you can not lose your data. You can loose your HealthKit data Getting rid of your HealthKit data is a real risk. If you make a backup of your iPhone, it will NOT make a back up of…Read more

How Fitness Trackers Help

Fitness trackers help
Back in the day there were certain devices to monitor your health. They helped you count your daily steps and others helped keep a watch on your heart rate. Now, in much more modern times, there are fitness trackers and apps that can really help you lead and keep monitor over a much healthier lifestyle. If a healthier lifestyle is what you are aiming for, Research Verified reviews will really help guide you along the way. How Do Fitness Trackers Help? There are many ways that fitness trackers help with your health namely: Sleep Tracking Heart Rate Monitoring Step Counting…Read more

“Apple Watch may soon call 911 after car crash”

Apple is working on a new feature for the Apple Watch, making the smartwatch automatically call the emergency services if the owner gets involved in a car accident. In such emergencies, the Apple Watch may instruct the connected iPhone to dial 911 or family to report that there's been an accident. Sensors The Apple Watch can track the heartbeat of the wearer, count the number of steps of the owner and count calories burned. So soon it can also dial 911 after a crash. All this is described in a new patent that Apple has registered with the US Patent…Read more

Speedo Shine: a fitness tracker for the pool

Speedo Shine
Misfit and Speedo: if you like swimming, you know both of them. Misfit is one of the few that makes fitness trackers that you can take with you in the pool and Speedo is the swimwear brand. Speedo ever made a halfhearted attempt to make a swimming watch, which could also count laps. But the collaboration between Speedo and Misfit now needs to produce something which is even easier and better: the Speedo Shine. A happy marriage: Speedo and Misfit work together on the Spee Shine for swimmers. Speedo Shine: designed for swimmers The Speedo Shine is a special version…Read more

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objective c - Get total step count for every date in ...

What's the best way to get a total step count for every day recorded in HealthKit. With HKSampleQuery's method initWithSampleType (see below) I can set a start and ...

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Swift Programming Blog - Step Counter in HealthKit

Fetch daily step count from HealthKit. ... Keep up with the latest screencasts, freebies, and get exclusive coupons and discounts by creating an account: Learn More.

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ios - How to updated is the number of steps for HealthKit ...

Use the Monaca and HealthKit plug-in has acquired the number of steps. The acquired number of steps is not updated until is open the HealthCare app. Would not be able ...

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How to turn off Healthkit Steps Counting | Apple Support ...

How to turn off Healthkit Steps Counting ... This is causing step counts to be extremely high. ... (Heathkit is a developer framework) ...

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Free iPhone Pedometer & Step Counter - StepWise ...

StepWise Free iPhone Pedometer is a Free iPhone Step Counter for your iPhone 6S & 6S Plus, iPhone 6 & 6 Plus & iPhone 5S, integrated with HealthKit.

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Health kit: Remove phone as datasource for steps | Apple ...

But that is so the app does not send data to Health Kit, but I want to use only the data from the apps to calculate the steps, and not the phone.

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