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iHealth Sense Connected Wrist Blood Pressure

Through the associated app you connect the iHealth Sense Connected Wrist Blood Pressure easily with your mobile.Read more

Measure your blood pressure with Withings Hy-Result

Withings has not only fitness trackers but also as blood pressure monitors that can measure your blood pressure at home. The problem is how you interpret the blood pressure measurements and when you decide it's time to go to the doctor? Withings has found a smart algorithm that allows you to better determine whether there is something wrong. Withings blood pressure measurement Hy-Result Difficult about collecting data is that you also have to interpret the results. When the measurement is done on scales it's still doable, but to give a meaning to the blood pressure measurements, you surely must have…Read more

Wireless Withings Blood Pressure Monitor

Measure your blood pressure monitor with Withings Blood Pressure Monitor easily and accurately. Read more about it here.Read more

iHealth Feel Connected Arm Blood Pressure

Brief specifications Positives and negatives The monitor works with both iOS and Android. (+) The number of user profiles is unlimited.(+) The display indicates when an irregular heartbeat occurs.(+) Through the app, it is possible to set reminders for the use of the blood pressure monitor or take medication.(+) You can also use the monitor offline when you do not have an Internet connection.(+) The monitor can only be used with a smartphone.(-) There is no speech function for visually impaired.(-) Visit Store for more info iHealth Feel Connected Arm Blood Pressure Description In the morning, noon, or in the…Read more


Welcome to This website aims to give you the latest information about newest services for iOS android which helps you keep tracking your health on your smartphone. Health is an important part of iOS, Android, and Apple Watch. The app for iPhone and iPad is not called HealthBook as previously believed, but simply 'Health'. Android users can use Google Fit to track their health information. See also: List of Health app compatible devices. How does Health work? Latest Smart Health Devices HealthKit works with third-party apps and gives you control over the information you share. Health & Fitness Apps…Read more

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Apple's glucose goof and more on HealthKit | MobiHealthNews

Where are the HealthKit skeptics? Apple didn't provide a whole lot of meat during its three-minute introduction to its health data aggregation platform, HealthKit ...

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Apple HealthKit Supposedly Targets Diabetes: Details Unclear

What is Apple HealthKit? ... In fact, Apple showed off their naiveté of diabetes with an on-stage glucose goof-up at the launch: how is blood sugar measured again?

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HealthKit supports some Bluetooth products natively, lets ...

Apple’s new HealthKit platform and Health app for iOS 8 acts as a central location for users to store and share health data from third-party apps, but ...

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Apple removes manual glucose entry in HealthKit after unit ...

Apple removes manual glucose entry in HealthKit after unit fail. The American company creates software that runs fine on US measurements, but not so well ...

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Apple to fix Health app after blood glucose measurement ...

Apple to fix Health app after blood glucose measurement issue. Diabetics are being warned that Apple's Health app is not compatible with some blood glucose ...

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HealthKit - Apple Health Kit

Apple Health Kit. Menu. HealthKit; ... Like many of the people above, I was extremely irritated at the loss of the Blood Sugar portion of the Healthkit.

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