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Samsung S Health update brings competition and enhanced design

Samsung has released an update to the Android app S Health. It is from now on possible to start a competition with friends and the design in the fitness app is improved. The S Health app is only available for Samsung devices. S Health The Samsung health app, S Health has been updated to a new version. The update brings refreshing, improved graphics for clearer operation and functioning of the app. In the new version of S Health, it is possible to engage in competitions with your friends. Through a message, you can challenge your friends, encourage or block unwanted…Read more

Pebble launches own health platform

Pebble Health
Smart Watch manufacturer Pebble has launched its own health platform that allows users to monitor health data. Previously, third-party applications had to be used to keep track of fitness data on the Pebble. With Pebble Health, it is possible to track the number of steps taken in a day and also - if the smart watch is worn at night - to measure how well the wearer is asleep. This data can be viewed within the Pebble app, but can also be sent to Apple's Health-app or Google Fit. For the development of the associated software, Pebble has been working…Read more

Samsung brings S Health app to other smartphones

Samsung has released the S Health app in the Google Play Store. The S Health app is an application which was, until today, only available for the Samsung smartphones. Starting today, the application is also available for other Android smartphones, and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. S Health serves as a personal fitness coach for Android. The app counts steps and allows for devices to measure heart rate and keep track of other health data. In terms of functionality, S Health looks like better-known fitness apps like Jawbones Up and Runtastic. The app keeps track of the…Read more

Withings Health Mate works with Apple’s Health app

The beautiful health-app Healthmate from Withings supports the Health app from Apple after a recent update. Since version 2.3 of the app, you can import health information of other apps and export the activity that you register in Withings itself. The application also takes advantage of other opportunities offered by iOS 8. You can protect Health Mate with your Touch ID fingerprint so that others can't see how many calories you burn and how much you exercise. Withings says the pedometer in the app has also been improved. It is not intended that the integration of Withings Health Mate app…Read more

Philips’ Personal Health Program launched with smartwatch

Philips' Personal Health Program launched with smartwatch
Philips has launched a series of devices that connect to the Health Suite app on your iPhone to keep an eye on your health in many ways. No detail is skipped. Philips smartwatch Philips revealed last year at IFA a number of smart devices under the heading 'Personal Health Program'. This program is now officially launched. This is a smartwatch, but also include scales, and a thermometer. All devices come together through the Health Suite app on your iPhone, so you can get help with improving your lifestyle. At the center is the Health Watch, a smartwatch that focuses on…Read more

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Windows 8 is the only operating system I've seen that can't always resolve this issue. One quick question: Where did you install Creatures? The default location under ...

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To cure a Creatures 1 creature of almost any disease, ... IV Energy from the Health Kit can also be helpful in dire cases, although it causes some pain ...

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The Science Kit is an applet in Creatures 1 and Creatures 2. In Creatures 1, there was no Advanced Science Kit. The Science Kit can be used to monitor ...

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Understanding the different functions of the kits and applets in Creatures 1 can ... Creatures 1 Video Tutorial: Kits ... C1 kits: - Owner's Kit - Health ...

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Find great deals on eBay for the creature model kit . Shop with confidence.

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In the unmodified Creatures 1 and 2, ... monitoring the health and general biochemistry of the norns and administering ... Life Kit 1 and Life Kit 2, were released ...

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