3D Robotics X8+ Review and Price

3D Robotics X8+ drone is a powerful octocopter with a high payload. The 3DR X8+ is, due to its high load capacity, suitable to attach various devices to the drone. Due to the possibility to carry out autonomous flights, the X8+ 3DR is also suitable to deliver small goods.

3D Robotics X8+ Features

  • Professional octocopter with high payload
  • Strong and durable design
  • Flight data readable on the transmitter
  • Base station with USB and Android adapter
  • 4S 14.8V 10,000 mAh battery
  • Flysky FS TH9X transmitter
  • Weight with battery: 2.56 kg
  • 15 minutes flight with a full battery

3D Robotics X8+

3d robotics x8 review price
The X8+ 3D robotics is a professional octocopter who, like the IRIS +, features a 3PV Follow me function. The drone can carry a weight of more than 1 kg but this comes at the expense of flying time. The high payload ensures that professional camera equipment can be attached to the X8+.

3PV Follow Me
The 3DR + X8 has a “Follow Me” feature allowing the X8+ to fly autonomously. The drone can follow every Android device with GPS or smartwatch with GPS. The X8+ allows you to create stunning action shots by using the Follow Me feature. On the ground station, you can set whether the drone must fly behind you, around you, or ty fly in front of you.

Professional cargo
The payload of the 3DR X8 + is 800 grams without compromising flight time. The drone can handle more weight but then it flies shorter. The X8+ is by its high load capacity ideal for the professional aerial photographer. The X8+ can be equipped with professional camera equipment and gimbals.

The 3DR X8 + is suitable as a mapping drone. With the right camera, the X8+ can autonomously fly via GPS and then on the computer all the material can be processed into a 3D map.

Battery and flight
The standard battery of the 3DR X8+ has a capacity of 10,000 mAh. With this, the X8+ remains 15 minutes in the air. The price for an extra battery is about 65 dollars.

3d robotics x8 transmitter
The 3DR X8+ comes standard with a Flysky transmitter. The Flysky FS TH9X is powered by eight AA batteries. The flight data is directly readable on the display of the transmitter. The Flysky FS TH9X weighs 690 grams and communicates over a 433 MHz frequency.

Ready To Fly
3D Robotics X8 + is ready to fly and costs without accessories $1350. For this price, you do not have a camera or gimbal on the drone. For a gimbal and a GoPro camera, you pay about 500 dollars extra. The total price for a complete drone experience with aerial shots is about $1850.
In the box

  • Ready-to-Fly 3DR X8+
  • Transmitter
  • 8 propellers
  • Battery, charger and protective pouch for battery
  • Base station (radio, USB adapter, and Android)
  • Propeller key and micro SD card adapter

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