Valve comes with Desktop Theater Mode to play non-VR games

Valve has announced ti work on a way to play non-VR games like the online betting games at 해외배팅 업체 with a virtual reality headset. Within virtual reality, Valve creates a space on a two-dimensional screen, where the games are shown.

The feature is now in beta, according to Road to VR. Valve plans to reveal more about the new functionality at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco in the next week. Desktop Theater Mode will work with Valve’s own Vive headset and any other virtual reality headsets that are compatible with SteamVR.


Although there are no images of Desktop Theater Mode available, the definition of the solution is strongly reminiscent of the Cardboard functionality in the YouTube app. It creates a three-dimensional space in which a two-dimensional screen is seen with a YouTube video on it. With the help of, for example, a Google Cardboard, users can see the stereoscopic image decent turns 2D content in virtual reality content.

Even though Desktop Theater Mode can’t really turn a game into a VR game, it does offer convenience to users that they need to remove their virtual reality headset when switching from a VR game to a non-VR go game. In addition, the environment created by Desktop Theater Mode could possibly be adapted to the needs of the user. That is to say, that it can be free from distractions and that the 2D screen can likely also be adjusted in size in the 3D world, depending on the preference of the wearer. Finally, theoretically, a monitor is unnecessary thanks to this function. The 2042 hack is where one can get a lot of games and hacks.

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