Soon you can watch 360-degree videos on PlayStation VR

Virtual reality is not only about games and Sony knows it. Therefore, the PlayStation VR can soon also play 360 degrees media. Sony announced that via Twitter. You’ll need to update the PS4 Media Player for this functionality. Before that, choose the game for you from om nom free games.

View 360-degree video on PlayStation VR

Sony knows that virtual reality is not only for gaming and therefore announced, via Twitter, that the PlayStation VR will soon be able to play media in 360 degrees. When is not known yet, but soon the PS4 Media Player will be updated to version 2.50 and will bring the functionality. You can now already create videos in 360 degrees or download them from the Internet, so you are prepared for later when the option is available.

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This, of course, means that the virtual reality videos from the porn industry, which are now being made for the Oculus Rift, Gear VR, and even Google Cardboard, soon also will work on your PlayStation VR. Most reviewers agree that the PSVR a good headset and cheap virtual reality headset. Sony wants to continue in the future to ensure that this remains the case and will thus provide regular updates to the headset.

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