Sony PlayStation VR comes in October for $399

Sony announced the PlayStation VR glasses release date and price. As indicated earlier, the price is comparable to that of the console: the glasses will retail for $399. Starting in October, the headset will be in stores.

The price of the PlayStation VR was announced at a press event during the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, as was shown in a live blog of The Verge. Sony also once again showed the final specifications of the VR glasses to be used in conjunction with the PlayStation 4.

The headset is a 5.7″-OLED panel with a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels;. Accounted for 960×1080 pixels per eye. It supports a refresh rate of 120Hz or 90Hz, and the field of view is 100 degrees wide, the latency is less than 18ms according to Sony. There are nine LEDs, PlayStation Eye camera determine the position of the player on the headset can using these LEDs.

PS VR Requirements

PlayStation VR can be used in conjunction with a regular DualShock controller or the PlayStation Move controller. Also, the position of the controllers can be determined on the basis of light signals. Sony delivers no controllers or camera with the headset, they must be purchased separately.

Sony will also make it possible to play regular games and watching movies with PlayStation VR in a cinematic fashion. 2D images are then displayed on a virtual screen in the glasses. Steam announced a similar function under the title Theather Desktop Mode.

Sony also announced that all PlayStation VR owners can download Playroom VR, a collection of social games that can be played using the headset. Furthermore, Sony announced that fifty games will be available for the headset this year. The demonstrated games were mostly already shown. New is the Star Wars Battlefront VR experience, but Sony says to give more details about this in the coming months.

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