Snoring Meter SnoreLab syncs with the Health app

SnoreLab recently got a totally new design for the iPhone and iPad app, which looks tighter and flatter than before. The application that analyzes your snoring behavior also syncs with Apple’s Health app using Healthkit.

SnoreLab for iOS is another addition to your sleep data that you can maintain for instance example with Sleep Cycle. With this app, you can measure how long and how deeply you sleep. SnoreLab shows a very different data: the number of times you snore during sleep. The application learns that by recording you overnight. By putting together the quantity of your sleep with Sleep Cycle and your snoring behavior from SnoreLab in Apple’s Health app, you can probably draw links between the two data.

Snoring app healthkit
Snorelab app.

In SnoreLab itself you already can compare for some time how well the various tools against snoring work for you. As of the last update, the app can also track your weight. SnoreLab, which has more than 100,000 users worldwide, announced in the update to work on even more ‘exciting updates. Read more on how to stop your snoring here

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