Snapchat introduces Spectacles: Sunglasses with built-in camera

Snapchat has launched its own wearable that will soon make it easy to make a movie. The company has unveiled a pair of sunglasses in which a camera is integrated. The wearable is specially designed for lovers of the popular service and allows you to record and easily publish videos. The sunglasses are called Spectacles. The company behind the popular app has been renamed to Snap, Inc.

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Snapchat introduces Spectacles

Snachat has announced on its official website that it will release a special sunglasses for its service: Spectacles. By pressing the round button on the glasses, the wearable starts recording. That is also reflected in the glasses, given the LEDs surrounding the camera turn on at that time. Once the camera has subsequently made a movie of ten seconds, it will be sent to your smartphone via Bluetooth or Wifi after which you can put it online.

The images taken with the sunglasses are otherwise not rectangular. Snapchat has chosen to round the pictures. That should help you get the feeling that you really see the situation. The company has not announced the price yet, but The Verge does have an idea. They announced that the price in the US is $130. The sunglasses will be available in three different colors.

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