Samsung Gear VR will support WebVR

Samsung has announced the Samsung Gear VR gets support for WebVR. Thus, you can see more content with the VR goggles. You must activate the for the device in the browser, since it is an experimental feature.

WebVR content for the Samsung Gear VR

Samsung focuses on virtual reality. The company is doing that now with the Samsung Gear VR, but also in the future with standalone devices. In the near future, this means that the manufacturer will invest in all kinds of things surrounding VR, such WebVR. WebVR is an experimental JavaScript API (application programming interface that allows a software and components can communicate with each other), which provides access to virtual reality devices in the browser such device.

Concretely this means for Gear VR owners, that the device’s browser is capable of viewing WebVR content, in addition to the already available content, such as videos, games, and more in the form of applications. However, it can provisionally still go wrong while trying out this feature, and it has everything to do with the experimental nature of WebVR. Therefore, users must specify in the browser settings if they want to see WebVR content, or not.

In the future, Samsung will release more updates to WebVR-support for the Samsung Gear VR.


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