Samsung Gear VR will support multiplayer

Samsung Gear VR has received support for multiplayer. Oculus announced this via their blog. Oculus, therefore, has put two games into the Oculus Store, which you now can play together with friends in virtual reality. This is slightly different than a normal game.

Multiplayer for the Gear VR

Playing a game in virtual reality can be enormous fun. It gives an extra dimension to what you do. Oculus has therefore decided to develop two games that you can play with your friends or other people in the world. Every person should be granted or whether her own Gear VR. The first game is called Social Trivia. This denotes up to four people to a table to answer questions. You can find the game in the store concept section.

The second game is called Hero Bound: gladiators, and is more suited to the action-oriented person.
Form a team of up to a maximum of 4 people and go on the hunt to destroy all the devils and goblins. Through integrated voice chat, you can communicate with your fellow players.

Gear VR goes social

Oculus has further enhanced the social capabilities of the Gear VR app. So it is now possible to create a profile and find other users through their real or username.

You can add friends and play together games, or create a space where you can watch together streams of example Twitch or Vimeo. It is also possible from today to write reviews for apps in the Oculus Store to get more quickly to assess an app. Finally, there is also added the ability to connect via video Oculus your Facebook account so you can personalize your video feed on the basis of your friends and interests.

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