Pebble is now Healthkit Compatible

Good news for the owners of Pebble. The smartwatch remains useful even after the takeover by Fitbit, with a new update the Pebble is no longer dependent on central servers that will be retired at the end of this year.

A nice touch for iOS users is that Pebble now uses Apple’s Health app to store collected health data. Previously, they were stored at the Pebble servers.

Pebble works without a central server

The update of the iOS app, which is at version 4.4, the Pebble continues to operate when the central servers go offline. The App Store will no longer be usable, but the app offers the ability to download apps separate from the Internet. Moreover, it becomes possible to allow the application to point to another server link, allowing users to use an alternate server, running outside Pebble.

Pebble apps on Fitbit?

Fitbit bought Pebble last year for about 23 million dollars. The manufacturer of fitness trackers will use the Pebble software to improve its own devices. Pebble apps Developers were told that their apps would work on Fitbit devices in the future, but there is still nothing known about that.

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