Oculus shows launch titles appearing along with Rift headset

Oculus has announced which games will be available at the appearance of the Rift virtual reality glasses on March 28. It is initially thirty games. Later this year more than one hundred games will follow.

The Oculus Rift went early January in pre-order for $699 and will be released from March 28th. At the same time, around thirty games will be available for the virtual reality headset. Oculus has announced the lineup of release games at the Game Developer Conference in San Francisco. Oculus further says that they are working with thousands of developers for completely new virtual reality experiences. In 2016, more than a hundred new games will come out for the Oculus.

Oculus Games

This partly involves existing games such as Project CARS, Elite Dangerous, and Vanishing of Ethan Carter. These games will be updated with added support for the Oculus Rift. There are several new games, mostly small games that cost 10 to 20 dollars. The games Lucky’s Tale and Eve Valkyrie are included with the Rift.

The creator of the Rift headset Oculus also presented the new Oculus Home. This is the “home screen” that can be viewed from the VR goggles and was previously available for the Samsung Gear VR. The new version for the Rift is greatly expanded according to Oculus. The available games and apps for the Oculus Rift are also available and for sale from the desktop app.

Polygon published an overview of all launch titles and a number of other games that will appear later. The games have a comfort rating, which should make it clear how intense the gaming experience is.

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