Minecraft is coming to Gear VR

Minecraft will also be released on Samsung’s Gear VR. Microsoft announced that at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. That confirms what John Carmack told in early October 2015.

In some tweets, Carmack was referring on October 8, 2015, to the Gear VR. Gear VR is the second virtual reality platform that Minecraft will run on. Earlier it was announced that the Windows 10 version of Minecraft will receive support for the Oculus Rift this spring. Here is the Minecraft server list that you can look into and get on with the game.

There is no published information about the Gear VR version of the game, such as price and release date. According to rumors, the quality of the game will be similar to the Oculus Rift version of the game, but there’s nothing official yet.

The Gear VR is a headset which uses the display of a smartphone. Thus it is a lot cheaper than an Oculus Rift. In addition, Samsung is since late 2014 in a partnership with Oculus. The first consumer version of the Rift cost $699 compared to $99 for a Gear VR. Oculus begins with the delivery on March 28.

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