Microsoft Band 2 gets update to prolong battery life

Microsoft has released an update for the Microsoft Band2. This gives the fitness tracker a much-improved battery life.

Four hours more

The battery life can be extended for four hours while cycling or running. All this is the result of a new power saving mode to the GPS. In place of the Band 2 continually to record its location, it happens after the update in intervals. This will cut down on power while the traveled route is still recorded.

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Health App
If the owner of the Microsoft Band 2 set off with a smartphone in his pocket, the Health app on the smartphone captures the route completely. Regardless of the battery saving mode in which the Microsoft Band 2 is put.

Weight Update
Apart from improvements to the battery, there is also an update for the Health app. It is an update for all major platforms: iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Microsoft HealthVault offers after the update the opportunity to regularly enter the weight of the athlete. That must be done manually. But then the app get to work with all sorts of graphs and BMI-maps, so it will be interesting to see how health improves through sports and therefore lose weight.

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