Markbase and Crytek Announce VRScore benchmark

Crytek and Base Mark jointly announced VRScore. Businesses can get started with the benchmark software for virtual reality by participating in the development program. A consumer version will be published in June.

The purpose of VRScore is, according to the makers, to set a benchmark, which is based on an engine that is also used in actual games. Benchmark software developer Basemark has therefore teamed up with Crytek so that the CryEngine 3 could be used for the software to measure performance in the field of virtual reality display.

VR Benchmark software

The software has been in development the past nine months and not yet completely finished. Companies that want to participate VRScore can do so for a fee to work on the development program, which allows them access to all development versions of the software. In June, the final version of the package should appear and there will be a free version for consumers with limited functionality. In addition, a paid Pro package without restrictions will be released, although the price is not yet known.

VRScore supports all known headsets like the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and OSVR Razer. The software can measure the performance of a PC and indicate to what extent it is suitable for playback of VR images. Markbase also comes with the VRScore Trek, a device that can perform measurements and can measure the latency between the display for the left and right eye.

Both the processor, graphics card, and the headset is assigned a score after a benchmark VRScore. An online database will be created where users can compare these VR scores themselves.

Futuremark is also working on a benchmark program for virtual reality. VRMark is already available in the beta version of 3DMark 2016. Steam released a tool a tool to measure the performance of PCs with regard to displaying virtual reality images.

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