Jawbone Activity Clip: Never lose your Jawbone UP

Jawbone UP2 with jump rope fitness bracelets are often expensive devices, you do not want to lose them. Jawbone, therefore, proposes Activity Clips, in order to prevent the jawbone UP slipping off so that the bracelet don’t get lose. They take such action after complaints from users because the lock on the gym armband came loose.

The Activity clip is available for Jawbone UP2 (Flat Strap), Jawbone and Jawbone UP3 UP4 bracelets. You can order the clip for free if you have a user account at Jawbone. You slide the clip on the clasp of the bracelet.

You can get your activity clip via this page.
Update: Looks like Jawbone doesn’t provide the activity clip anymore. You can still purchase one from Amazon via the link below.

Jawbone UP Activity Clip
Even other manufacturers have the problem that the bracelet snaps during daily activities. Garmin had in 2014 a similar problem with the Garmin Vivo Mart, another fitness bracelet. In this case, the lock of the bracelet was improved and there was an extra security built into the locking mechanism.

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  1. Same problem Patrick. I have made 5 requests to find out how to buy one – not asking for a free one. NO response. None.
    Does anyone know how to buy these anywhere??


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