With this Homekit boxes Siri can turn on the light

Thanks to the smart switches from iDevices and iHome you can soon turn on the light with your iPhone, even if you have no smart lighting. You connect them to any device connected to the outlet. Then they make a connection via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi with your iPhone. The nice thing is that you will no longer need a central hub. The products were announced at CES Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

iDevices Homekit
Currently, both iDevices and iHome announced the so-called ‘switches’. They use the new HomeKit capabilities that Apple introduced last year in iOS8. Therefore, you do not even need to use the corresponding app. If you tell Siri “turn off the lights”, then it does so.

Homekit Smartplug
According to The Verge, iDevices will release the switch this summer on the market for almost $50 each. iHome has not yet announced when the SmartPlug will appear and what it will cost.

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