First Alert comes with a safe which you can connect to Apple Homekit

At the CES in Las Vegas, not all manufacturers of smart home products adopt Apple Homekit or Samsung Smart Things, but we saw a number of notable products. First Alert, known as a manufacturer of smoke detectors, has a safe which you can connect to Homekit. The Onelink connects via wifi or Bluetooth and you can access it via your iPhone, with both the app and via Siri. You can also give other people temporary access to the safe. In addition, the vault sends a notification when someone opens or moves it. Handy, but the added value of HomeKit here remains relatively limited. In addition to the First Alert, they also come with a thermostat and an air quality meter that work through HomeKit, last year the company already came with a smoke and carbon monoxide detector. When all of these products come onto the market and how much they are going to cost, is still unclear.

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