Drones Plague in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge

The Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco is plagued by drones. The world famous bridge is very popular with filmmakers and therefore drones are regularly reported in the nearby airspace.

Reducing number of drones

The company responsible for the management of the Golden Gate Bridge asked senator Dianne Feinstein to reduce the number of flying drones near the bridge.

Golden Gate Transportation District General Manager Denis Mulligan told Marin Independent Journal that the unmanned aircraft pose a potential threat to the safety of the bridge. The bridge was also designated by the US Department of Homeland Security as a possible target for terrorist attacks.

According to Mulligan, drones fly regularly in places surrounded by security fences where you are not allowed to photograph. A drone have been recently crashed on the deck of the bridge, according to Mulligan.

Tourist attraction
The world famous bridge is a very popular item among filmmakers and tourists. It is therefore not surprising that drones circulate regularly near the Golden Gate Bridge. To date, we have seen the Golden Gate bridge already in several drone videos.

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