Better VR headsets for the Apple iPhone coming

Apple shows for years to create the best devices in the field of smartphones, smart watches, and tablets, but in the field of virtual reality, the company remains somewhat behind.

There are some simple options to introduce iPhone users with virtual reality, including the Google Cardboard but it’s not of real quality. It is certainly not comparable with headsets like the Samsung Gear VR, HTC Vive, or Oculus Rift. But possibly this might change later this year if it is to accessory makers and various VR experts anyway.

AppleInsider posted a presentation of investment firm Piper Jaffray where virtual reality was central. IonVR was one of the available accessory manufacturers and the company said to be interested in the next step in virtual reality on the iPhone. The company even wants to release a VR headset for the iPhone before the end of this year.

IonVR is renowned for the Motion Sync technology developed by the company itself. This technique reduces nausea, one of the problems that people experience with VR, and also provides the processing power required for VR. This allows developers to develop heavier VR apps and saves the iPhone battery.

While investors expect Apple will also invest substantially in virtual reality. The company would like to make VR parts within two years of the Made for iPhone program. Whether Apple itself will release a virtual reality headset is still the big question.

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