Apple Watch is now cheaper and has new bands

At the Apple event on March 21, alongside Apple’s new iPhone SE and iPad Pro, the company also announced an update on the Apple Watch. Although they didn’t reveal a completely new version of the Apple Watch, but they did announce new bands and a price reduction. This should make the Apple Watch more appealing.

Spring line up

Apple continues to emphasize that the watch is their most personal device ever. The announcement of four new bands confirms this again. There is the woven nylon strap, which has a total of four layers. The strap comes in several colors, including pink, blue, orange, and black.

Apple Watch Straps

The company also announced a black Milan treadmill, something that many people ask for. They also announced a new yellow sports tire, a turquoise, and pink tie. Apple calls this new bands their “Spring line up.”

Apple Watch Price cut

The Apple Watch is the most sold smartwatch at the moment. For Apple, it is important that it remains in the lead, and in anticipation of the new Apple Watch 2, the iPhone manufacturer has lowered the price of the Watch. For $ 300 you can buy the Apple Watch Sport, it was $350 before the price cut.

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