Apple is supposedly working on a Virtual Reality headset

Apple focuses entirely on virtual reality and augmented reality in 2016, according to analyst Daniel Ives at AppleInsider.

The fact that the iPhone creator enters into the craze surrounding virtual reality should not come as a surprise. Recently, Apple acquired the company FaceShift that specializes in the real-time projection of human faces in video games. In addition, Apple has bought PrimeSense. That company made its name by developing Kinect for Xbox 360.

App Store for Apple TV

Apple has already a platform for virtual reality games since the launch of the App Store for Apple TV at home. Augmented reality, as we know from the Dutch app Layar, is a slightly different thing. According to insiders, Apple is working on an app that projects information layers on products in the physical world. This app – which probably looks a lot like Layar – may be launched or deployed as part of Apple Maps.

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