Apple Announces separate HomeKit app Home for operating devices at home

Apple has finally announced a new HomeKit app. The new app called ‘home’, you can control all your HomeKit devices, without having the need of a third-party app. The app comes with iOS 10 for both the iPhone and iPad. In addition, the app is also available for the Apple Watch with watchOS 3.

Home app for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch

With the new Home app, it should be a lot easier to operate all kinds of HomeKit devices. You can control the devices directly from the home screen and with 3D Touch, you can, for instance, directly look from your camera who is at the door. You can control both individual devices and activate preset scenes.

The Home app works on your iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch, but logically it requires the necessary HomeKit accessories like Philips Hue lights. The Home app comes with 10 iOS for iPhone and iPad and watchOS 3 for the Apple Watch.

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