How to buy Drones

How to buy Drones
Are you planning to buy a video camera drone to take aerial shots, but you have no idea how and where you can buy the best drones? Our drones experts have the 10 best buying tips for new users.

How to buy Drones – 10 best buying tips

Read the 10 tips below to get started. Be sure to check out our Everything you need to know about Drones feature to get familiar with the subject.

1 – Price – from $30 to $3000

Drones are available in many different price ranges. Most popular drones have price tags ranging from 30 dollars to 3,000 dollars or more. Define clearly what your budget is for this new high-tech toy. Your budget mainly depends on your wallet, but you also need goals.

2 – Reliable supplier – Don’t buy from anywhere

Buy drones from a reputable supplier that specializes in the area of ​​drones. For more expertise in this area, we recommend that you buy to your drones drones from specialist shops. Especially if you want to replace parts – think about an extra battery or a better camera in the future – a specialist can advise you better about your purchase.

Of course you can get second model drones for a good price, but do realize that the plane may have certain defects that are difficult to determine. For the best guarantees for a safe trip, we recommend you to buy a new copy.

3 – What brand or model?

Drones are available in many brands, models, and designs. The choice of model depends mainly on your personal needs and goals. A drone is a complex machine that has several components.

All drone models have unique components and therefore unique features. In many cases, you simply pay more for better features of the device. What characteristics are important to you is a personal choice and you will need to determine this before purchase.

4 – Battery

The battery is an important part of a drone, because the battery simply determines how long you can fly with your drone. Better battery simply ensures longer flying fun.

The maximum flight duration of drones is an important feature to compare when you decide between different models drones. Also the predetermined length of time of charging time required to fully charge the battery is an important feature.

5 – Maximum flight distance

Each drone model have a maximum flight distance. With this maximum flight distance we mean the distance the drone can make from its starting point before the connection to the remote control is lost. Cheaper models drones can fly only tens of feet away, where expensive models can fly miles away.

Determine how you are going to use your drones and calculate the maximum flight distance that is sufficient for the desired use. View drones that meets the maximum distance requirement.

6 – Remote

Just as model aircraft, drones are also operated with a remote control. All brands and/or models has an individual remote. Some drones have a remote control, other drones you can control with your smartphone or tablet via a free downloadable app. Pay close attention to how the drone is controlled before you purchase a drone.

Some remote controls feature a screen where you can view the camera images directly. Other models drones use a smartphone in addition to the regular controller to view the images. Consider carefully what you want during your flight before you buy just any drone.

Also note the power of the remote control. Most remote controls are operated via a number of AA batteries.

7 – Camera – HD or 4K

Drones are usually used to detect and / or to take pictures, making the camera a very important part of a drone. There are drones available with many types and quality cameras. Today, most standard models drones equipped with cameras filming in HD quality and pictures of over 10 Megapixels. Newer models also features camera’s that can shoot in 4K. Determine in advance what the characteristics of the camera on the model drones needs to be before you buy.

Some models drones have a fixed camera, other models have a camera that can turn a certain angle to take better shots.

8 – GPS

Some model drones can also be equipped with GPS (Global Positioning System), allowing the drones to determine its exact location. Not only very useful information that can be fed back to the pilot, but the GPS can also be directly linked to the images taken with the camera.

Some models drones also have a “Go Home” function; this means that the drones automatically returns to its starting point if the drones threatens to go beyond its maximum distance.

9 – Check additional functions

The tips 4 to 8 are the most important properties, but there are numerous additional features a drone can be equipped with. So take the time to carefully study these functions before you actually considering purchasing. Do not forget to view the drones reviews to understand all the important features of the most popular drones at the moment. Study and compare!

10 – Check out online forums!

Should you, despite the tips above, have questions about purchasing drones, place your question in the drone forums. Here you usually get quickly answer to any questions you have about buying drones. The clearer you formulate your question, the better other people can provide you with an appropriate response.

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