HomeKit compatible Devices

The first HomeKit products are officially presented to the public. From Elgato to iHome and Ecobee to Insteon: all of them have one or more products unveiled for HomeKit. Interesting: you can control the sensors with your voice via Siri, or remotely operated via a “third-generation Apple TV or later.”

Official Homekit devices

This is a list with devices that officially supports Homekit. This list is of course not complete and will be updated as soon as new devices are announced. You can contact us or leave a comment below if you think we missed a device.

Apple TV and Homekit

Apple TV and Homekit
Apple has confirmed on its website that a third generation or newer Apple TV is required to remotely control HomeKit devices, ie when you are not at home. The Apple TV is a digital media receiver that is developed and marketed by Apple.

The small device can receive digital content from the iTunes Store, Netflix, YouTube, Flickr, iCloud, MLB.tv, NBA League Pass, NHL GameCenter or any computer running iTunes to play the program on a television. Some of these services are not available in every country.

Read more about Apple TV and Homekit.

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Insteon Hub

Insteon Hub Homekit
Price: $ 149.99
With Insteon Hub, it is very easy to add devices and then divide them into categories. You can control all connected devices in a home or a specific room. There is also the possibility to set a timetable and you can control individual devices via the dashboard of the app.

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Ecobee3 Smart Wi-Fi thermostat with one sensor

Price: $ 249
The ecobee3 will let us wait a while because it will be available later this month. This thermostat works with an external sensor (two additional sensors cost $79), so you can measure temperature in rooms where the ecobee3 isn’t placed. The new version fully supports Siri, so you can pass quickly changes through voice commands.

Caseta Wireless Lighting Starter Kit

Caseta Wireless Lighting Starter Kit
Price: $ 229.95
The Starter Kit includes the Caseta Smart Wireless Bridge, which supports HomeKit. It allows you to control wireless Lutron lighting and, for example, turn all the lights off in the kitchen, even if you’re not around. In addition, you can also remote control blinds (Lutron Serena) and certain thermostats with it.

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iHome iSP5 SmartPlug

Price: unknown
This smart plug makes your older stuff ‘smart’. All you have to do is plug it. This allows you, for example, to turn on or off lights, fans, and other appliances with a Siri command. Through combining several Smart Plugs with each other, you can control them all with a single command.

Elgato Eve

Elgato Eve Homekit
Price: between $40 and $80

Elgato is selling the following products:

Eve Room ($80)
Eve Weather ($50)
Eve Door & Window ($40)
Eve Energy ($50)

Eve Room is a sensor that allows you to measure air quality, temperature and humidity in the house. The sensor analyzes particles in the air. With Eve Weather, you see the temperature, humidity, and air pressure. You can place this in the garden or on the balcony. Eve Door & Window are meant to see if the window is open or closed. You can see how often the window (or door) is opened and how long it lasted. So you can see exactly when the cleaner came in and if a burglar climbed through the window. Eve Energy finally provides insight into your energy consumption. This is a type of smart plug that you place between the outlet and the plug of the device. You then immediately see how much energy the unit consumes and you can also turn it on and off remotely.

Through the Eve app, you can see data such as air quality, temperature, humidity, and energy consumption monitor. The required app is already available in the App Store. HomeKit will also work with its own app from Apple, which is named “Home”.

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  1. How does they be connected as a smart home solution to end users? Who could be the implement corporation, the reseller, the product maker, or the internet enterprises, etc.?

  2. Using the Elgato eve products for some time now in combination with the Philips Lighting HUE lamps and the Home App. I use the Home app to create some rules and triggers (e.g. when door is opened, the Elgato door sensor should trigger the HUE light….), however…still very sluggish in terms of response times AND more important, the moment you open the door (and you expect the Hue light to light up) and close the door…..nothing happens…. because the delay of recognizing the door is open and sending that info to the Hue lamp, the door is already closed….delay when you leave open the door and then wait until the light lights up takes approx 40-50-60 seconds….which is way too long for this to be successful…hence the lack of sending an app with IOS 9 might be the reason… so…help is needed to gear this up…


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