Samsung Connect: connect all your smart home devices into a single app

During the launch of the Galaxy S8, Samsung has shown some news in the field of Smart Home. The Korean manufacturer Samsung comes with Connect, an app where you can collect your smart home devices.

Samsung Connect is a hub for smart home

The Samsung Connect app is a gathering place for smart home devices and according to Samsung, the place to control everything from. A really good hub for different products of different brands doesn’t exist yet and this is exactly what Samsung would like to achieve with Connect.

In addition to managing smart home devices via the cloud, Samsung Connect can also help to add new products through a simple three step process. The app is compatible with 2017 gadgets of Samsung Smart Hub and Smart Things devices from the company, the SmartHub refrigerator and specific products from other manufacturers, including Philips Hue. Samsung promises to quickly add more support to the app.

The app lets you create spaces and locations, such as home and office. Here you can assign devices and operate it via the app. Of course, it is also possible to automate everything. For example, you can turn off all the lights with one press of a button and let the robot vacuum cleaner start cleaning. Currently, it’s not yet clear when Samsung Connect will be officially released.

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