Nanoleaf Aurora lighting panels

There are many ways to make your lighting smarter. The most accessible option is undoubtedly the Philips Hue, thanks to the collaboration with HomeKit. If you’re looking for something different, you can also turn to Nanoleaf. Aurora Nanoleaf are triangular panels that can connect to each other and are able to display 16 million colors. The starter Nanoleaf Aurora is now available in the Apple Store.

Nanoleaf Aurora: art-like lighting with HomeKit

Aurora Nanoleaf is a unique lighting system that you can stick on your walls. It is best described as a living painting. The lighting consists of panels in a triangle shape so you can create your own pattern. Each panel can display over 16 million colors and since all panels can be used independently, you can let your creativity run wild.

To start with this design lighting, you need the Aurora Lighting Smarter Kit. This set includes nine light panels that can connect to each other. You connect the panels with the included panel connectors. There is no need to drill holes in the wall because the sticky strips in the package can be placed directly on the wall. Apart from static lighting, you can set all kinds of animations with the corresponding app. You can thus create all kinds of scenes, so you can illuminate your house to your taste.

Nanoleaf Aurora lighting panels
Price: $379.99
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Moreover, the advantage of this relief is that it supports HomeKit. This enables you to control lighting via the Home app, so you can link it to other HomeKit products. Moreover, switching the lights in and out is easy with Siri. The pack contains everything to start with, but you can extend it afterward to a maximum of thirty panels per system.

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