Ecobee sensors now used by HomeKit as motion and temperature sensor

The sensors Ecobee3 are now suitable for HomeKit. You can use motion detection and to monitor the temperature in a room.

Ecobee3 and Homekit

Ecobee3 makes a thermostat, which you can control remotely via Wi-Fi. You can connect additional sensors, so you’re not only measuring the temperature in the room where the thermostat is located, but also in the attic, in the barn, or in the nursery. This is the main selling point of Ecobee3 compared to other smart thermostats.

With the latest Ecobee3 firmware, you can do even more with the sensors: they support HomeKit, where they can be used for motion detection and temperature sensor. You could already use the sensors to detect whether someone is in a room.

You can find the Ecobee sensors in the House app for iOS 10: as an accelerometer and thermometer. Each sensor can thus be seen twice. The Ecobee3 thermostat is even there three times: to control your thermostat, but also as attendance and as a motion sensor. In the House app, you appoint them to certain rooms, which solves the problem of complex array devices. Then the fun work can begin: the automation of various actions based on motion or temperature. You can also ask Siri what the temperature in a specific room is.

Ecobee3 sensor technology

The Ecobee3 thermostat was previously available in the Apple Store. Nowadays you have to look at other stores like Amazon. To be able to work with the sensors, Ecbobee3 with the sensors is required. You can find the sensors on Amazon for $234.50.

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