Five Rules for Rapid Weight Loss Using the Ketogenic Diet

In this guide, we are going to take a look at some of the best rules that you can follow in order to ensure that you can see rapid weight loss while on the ketogenic diet which according to Discover Magazine when combined with cbd oil works better. You can always order cbd products online from Delta Munchies.

No carbs at all

By this point, you have a good understanding that on the ketogenic diet, you need to limit your carbs as much as possible. The only carbs that you should be consuming during the day include some low-carb and non-starchy vegetables. You should get no more than 50 grams of carbs a day, although many people choose to limit that to even lower amounts to help them get the most out of their ketosis state.

This means that you will need to be very careful about the types and amounts of carbs that you consume. You don’t want to use up all of your allowance on eating a small serving of pasta or a piece of bread when you could choose to go with a cup or two of healthy vegetables that have way more vitamins and nutrients. This is sometimes seen as the biggest adjustment to this kind of diet, but over time, you will find some great substitutes that make it easier to follow this diet plan.

Make your breakfast fatty

One of the biggest areas where people end up failing when they go on this diet plan is that they spend all day trying to follow it. Then they get to the evening and find that they didn’t consume enough fat. They try to rush around and find ways to add in more fat to make up for it, and sometimes the options are not that appetizing.

The better option to go with is to try to get as much fat into the first meal of the day, your breakfast, rather than running to the end of the night and not having the amount of fat that you want. There are different methods that you can use for this. If you just like having a cup of coffee in the morning, then going for some keto coffee can help. Simply blend some butter or coconut oil with your coffee. There are a variety of keto coffee recipes online, experiment with a few and find your favorite!

But if you really want to increase the amount of fat content that you have in the morning, then you should eat a normal breakfast with lots of healthy, and fatty, foods. The breakfast that you have on the ketogenic diet doesn’t have to be complicated. For example, having some bacon, eggs, and avocado along with a cup of keto coffee will provide a tasty, nutritious meal ensuring you have stable energy levels and blood sugars for hours afterward.

So, let’s say that you have breakfast with three eggs. This gives you about 15 grams of fat. Then if you add in four slices of bacon and you will end up with 15 grams as well. Half of an avocado is 15 grams, or 30 grams if you decide to have the whole thing. And a cup of keto coffee is going to be another 14 grams (this can vary depending on the brand that you go with.)

The goal here is that you should get at least one-third of the fat that you need for the whole day in that first meal in the morning. This makes it easier for you to get the amount that you need by the end of the day, without scrambling because you came up short. So, to figure out if the numbers above are good for you, we need to do a little bit of math.

Having that amount of fat in the morning may seem like excess and too much, but as you get used to the ketogenic diet, you will find that it becomes much easier to work with. Once you know what your requirement of fat is for the day, and you find the right breakfast mix to make this happen, you will be able to get things prepared, and actually enjoy the food.

Two fists of fatty meat

Take your hand and then make a fist. This is a rough guide to the amount of fatty meat that you are allowed to have, two times a day when you are on the ketogenic diet. This is going to be different for each person based on how big their fist is but usually ends up around 16 ounces or less of meat each day. This will help you to get your protein requirements met, some tasty fat, and also ensures that you don’t take in too much. If you are a smaller person, you may eat closer to 12 ounces of meat, and if you are bigger, you may find that you get about 20 ounces. This is why we look at the size of two fists, rather than an exact amount.

This rule isn’t an exact science, but it is definitely a good place to start. It keeps things simple and you won’t have to measure things out. Just hold up your fist to the meat and remember that you get two of those each day. Consider having cauliflower rice as a substitute for regular rice. It’s low in carbs and cooks great in regular Zojirushi and Cuckoo rice cookers too.

Add one fat into each meal

During this diet plan, you will end up getting the majority of the fat that you need from a fatty breakfast, as well as some of your fatty meats. But this doesn’t mean that you get to avoid the fats in the rest of the meals. Adding in a bit to each meal can help you to hit your overall goal.

The easiest way to add in some fats in each meal is to add in some nuts, salad dressing, or cheese to each one. So, if you are able to add a bit of oil to your salad, or use it in cooking, or a handful of cheese on the side, it is easy to add in a bit more fat to the meals that you are consuming.

Track and make adjustments as needed

If you are able to follow the four rules above, you should find that it is pretty easy to get into the state of ketosis and start seeing some fat loss in the process. But if you want to make sure that you are getting the most out of this eating plan, it can help if you do at least a little bit of tracking along the way. The easiest way for you to do this is to track your weight. If you notice that you are losing weight consistently, then this shows that you are most likely following the ketogenic diet in the proper manner.

The next way that you can track your progress is to use some ketone testing strips. These are going to change their colors based on what level of ketosis you are in. This is going to vary based on how long you have been on the diet and how many carbs you consume. These aren’t a perfect measure, but they do give you a rough estimate on whether you are getting into ketosis or not.

The third method that you can try out is to use a blood ketone testing device. This method lets you test your blood to see very clearly whether or not you have reached the state of ketosis. This is a very accurate way to see how well you have been sticking to the diet plan and whether you need to make some changes or not.

When you are in the journey of loosing weight, you need to also learn about fitness, at you will find tips and recommendations to be more fit and obtain better results.

Now, maybe you do one of the tests above, and you feel like the diet isn’t working the right way. Maybe you aren’t reaching the state of ketosis, or you are not losing weight as you thought. If this sounds like you, then some of the things that you can try out to help you to fix the problem:

Make sure your carb counting is right: Double check that you aren’t adding in any high carb nuts, carby dressings, and spreads, and no sweeteners at all. You may find that you have miscounted some of the carbs that you consume and reducing them a bit can make a difference.
Reduce how much meat you are taking in: You may find that for your own body you are taking in too much protein. If this is the problem, cut it from two fists to one and a half fists and see if this is what makes the difference.
Reduce total intake: While you don’t want to reduce the ratio of fat that you consume. So According to, if you are trying to lose weight, then you may want to try to eat less of everything so that the fat ratio stays the same. This should be the last thing you try if the other three things don’t seem to be having an effect.

If you are able to follow the five rules above, then you should find that it is easy for you to get yourself into and then stay in ketosis. You may find that the first week or so is a bit rough. But after this, you will find that it can be pretty easy to stay on and live with this diet plan.

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