Xbox One controller can now be used with the Samsung Gear VR

Microsoft has released an update for the Xbox One controller, making it possible to connect the gamepad to the Samsung Gear VR. This has to be the new wireless controller of the console: the white version that comes with the Xbox One S (and also is sold separately).

Xbox One controller S and the Samsung Gear VR

The fact that the Samsung Gear VR does not come with a controller means immediately that you can’t always play games on the platform. Yes, you can play the games with the directional pad, but the best is still a separate controller. A lot of options are available and none of them really offers the best option. But that is possible to change – at least if you like the Xbox One controller. Which you can directly start using in conjunction with the Gear VR.


What you need is the new Xbox One S controller, a controller which is supplied with the Xbox One S and also is sold separately. Only this controller has a special Bluetooth connection that enables the pairing with smartphones and PC. You also need to update the gamepad to the latest firmware, which can be downloaded via Xbox One or PC. Minecraft currently works only with the controller, but Microsoft promises that all controller games will support the accessory in the future.

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