Tanita BC-581 – Smart Scale for Women

Tanita BC-581 Description

The friendly bathroom scale from Tanita is specially developed for women. Obviously, men can also use the scales, but the women have much more benefit from the BC-581. The scale is equipped with a function that takes into account the natural cycle of the woman. Did you know there are days that you as a woman burn twice as many calories? You will of course only too happy to use it. It would be a shame if you’re just lazing on the sofa that day rather than on the treadmill at the gym. To prevent this, you first enter your user profile on the BC-581. Based on these data the Tanita calculates your best sports and rest days. After measuring your fat and water percentage, muscle mass, visceral fat, and your metabolic (real) age will appear next to your weight on the display. All these data are of course difficult to remember, so that’s why the Tanita BC-581 stores them for you in the memory. In short, Tanita BC-581 is now your new best friend because it help you a long way toward a healthy lifestyle.

Brief specifications

Description Detail
Display Digital
Weight Range 100 g
Analysis software No
Measuring body fat Yes
Measurement muscle Yes

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Positives and negatives

  • Digital scale with body analysis. (+)
  • Measure quickly and easily your weight, fat, and water percentage, muscle mass, and your metabolic age and visceral fat. (+)
  • Special function designed for women taking into consideration with the natural cycle, and the best days for movement and rest. (+)
  • Does not calculate your BMI value. (-)
  • With the special design for women, this scale is less interesting for men. (-)

Included in the package

  • Tanita BC-581
  • 4x AA batteries
  • Instructions
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