Speedo Shine: a fitness tracker for the pool

Misfit and Speedo: if you like swimming, you know both of them. Misfit is one of the few that makes fitness trackers that you can take with you in the pool and Speedo is the swimwear brand. Speedo ever made a halfhearted attempt to make a swimming watch, which could also count laps. But the collaboration between Speedo and Misfit now needs to produce something which is even easier and better: the Speedo Shine.

A happy marriage: Speedo and Misfit work together on the Spee Shine for swimmers.

Speedo Shine: designed for swimmers

The Speedo Shine is a special version of the Shine-fitness tracker, focusing on swimmers. Thanks to new algorithms, this tracker can better count the number of laps. All the data that you collect is sent wirelessly to the Misfit iPhone app so that you can later see your performance again. Later it will also work with the Speedo Fit app. The device is water resistant to 50 meters.

Speedo Shine tracker

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Speedo Fit app for iPhone

But the Speedo Shine can do more: this fitness tracker also measures the swimming distance, depending on the swimming stroke. You can however also measure your sleep activity and outside the pool, the Speedo Shine can also count your steps. Charging is almost never necessary because this tracker is can last a half-year on a standard watch battery.
You can choose from a rubber wristband in black or white or a clip that allows you to attach the tracker to your swimsuit. The housing is made of aluminum in a color that is not previously released by Misfit. Twelve LEDs show whether you have reached your intended goal for that day.

The tracker is available in Apple Stores worldwide, through Misfit.com, and Speedo.com for around $80.

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