With this pills machine you do not have to think about medicine

Although we mainly write about staying healthy, sometimes it can happen that you still have to swallow pills despite your healthy behavior. The Hero is a solution for this: a pill machine that spits out the right medication every day, so you can swallow them.

A Hero for your pills

OK, that does not sound very appetizing, but the prospect that you have a large container of pills to swallow as above does not sound very appealing. The Hero looks like a coffee machine (which is a conscious choice), where gives you pills at set times. You enter in advance which pills you need and in what quantities you need to take them. Then you get a warning that it is time to swallow on the Hero app. At that time, the pills come out of the machine. You do no longer have to think about it.

The HERO is also convenient for family members or health care workers because the HERO alerts when a patient has not taken on time the prescribed medication. For $399 you can purchase one via the creators website. You can also wait for the Hero this summer is in store, but the price is considerably higher: $999.

Hero in the kitchen

The Hero is made by a start-up from New York City. You put the drugs, vitamins and other pills in the trays of the machine, the dosage indicated and the rest is easy. It does require that you are always at home with the machine when you have to take the pills. According to the creators, Kut Akdogan and Kal Vepuri, the medical world is still in the Stone Age.

Hero only solves part of a problem: forgetful people or people who are too busy to keep track of the pill they have to swallow, now only need to hold their hand under the Hero pill dispenser. The device is more userfriendly then the current devices to “tap” pills from, according to the makers. According to Akdogan you should compare it with a coffee machine, if you get up in the morning, press the button, hear the machine turn on and hear the sound of the machine, you get a good feeling. You have completed your first successful task. That feeling is missing at current devices where you get your pills from.

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