Razer Nabu X smart band – Healthkit compatible wearable

In a world increasingly filled with wearables, it is increasingly difficult to differentiate yourself as a manufacturer. Razer tried with the Razer Nabu X smart band but makes this wearable impression?

Effective through led lights

The Razer Nabu X smart band is a smart bracelet with three LED lights that registers valuable information. The Razer Nabu X smart band tracks your steps, sleep, banished calories, active minutes in goal. The smart band connects to your phone via Bluetooth and it brings a lot of advantages.

In addition to all health activities, the Razer Nabu X smart band has more features. The three LED lights that turn blue, red and green, indicate certain statuses. When you receive a message, the bracelet vibrates and the LED lights will flash green. This works quickly and effectively, you’re always up to date without taking your phone out of your pocket.Razer Nabu X app

This feature is especially nice to have on moments when you should leave the phone in your pants, like during dinner. You know exactly when you will be called, or you simply get a message. This does have a disadvantage: If you get a lot of messages, for example in a group conversation WhatsApp, the Razer Nabu X smart tire can resemble a vibrator.
Razer Nabu X green led

Lacks a killer app

Razer, yes that brand of gaming accessories wants to encourage a healthy lifestyle with the Razer Nabu X smart band. In addition to helping and motivating sports, Nabu X monitors your activities too. This makes the Razer Nabu X smart band through apps – including the Apple Health app and Razer apps- who can help you with sports.

This is where the great flaw of the smart band comes in, the Razer Nabu X actually has a big drawback: The lack of apps. The apps out there for the Nabu X, are mainly apps where you can see what you’re doing. Think of how many steps you’ve walked or how many Big Macs burned.

Razer lacks a killer app that makes personal schedules, but also does more than just set goals. The band must provide a personal touch and that means advice. Such an app is not available for the Razer Nabu X smart band that makes the Nabu X a simple activity tracker.

Five days without difficulty

Still, Razer knows how to score points in other areas. Thus, the strap looks very stylish, especially the black and white variants are very nice. The outside of the tire is very stylish, you definitely do not look crazy with this device on your wrist.

Fair is fair, the Razer Nabu X smart tire is particularly good on the wrist. Where a Jawbone UP24 is dominant and sometimes irritating, the Nabu X is less present and feels natural. There are rarely gadgets where your body gets used so quickly.

The charge of Nabu X last about five days, and when you don’t sport or don’t receive many messages, it makes it to 7 days. This ensures that you become attached to the device, for such a long battery life is still very fine.

The Razer Nabu X smart band is basically a glorified monitor for your activities and conduit for notifications. The lack of one (or more) killer app(s) ensures that the Razer Nabu X adds little in your life. The biggest pluses are the battery life and design.

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