Polar A360 Fitness Tracker

Polar A360 Description

Need additional motivation to get back in the gym? Then put the Polar A360 on your wrist. On the color display of this activity tracker, you will not only find your burned calories and activity. Your heart rate is also displayed with the integrated heart rate sensor. The five bars on the touchscreen show which heart rate zone you are in. You can see right away if you have to slow down or not. Meanwhile, you will not miss any call or message because the activity tracker supports smart notifications. So you’re always accessible. Even in the gym.

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Brief specifications
Description Detail
Displaying Yes
Data connection Bluetooth
Sport applications Polar Flow
Sleep Monitor Yes
Battery life 288 hours

Positives and negatives

  • With the integrated heart rate monitor, you measure your heart rate via the wrist. (+)
  • You will also receive notifications from your smartphone on the activity tracker. (+)
  • Via the touch screen, you can easily navigate through all the options. (+)
  • The inactivity indicator gives a vibrating kick if you sit for too long. (+)
  • You connect your activity tracker possibly with a Polar H7 chest strap if you prefer to train with this. (+)
  • Healthkit and Google Fit compatible
  • It is not possible to measure the number of steps walked. (-)

Included in the package

  1. Polar A360
  2. Instructions
  3. USB charging cable

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